Phantom Limbs

by Sadistik & Kno

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The Darkness 03:11
[V1] No survivors, blood in a open bottle, Nosferatu, cutting the throats that grovel, You know the motto, make me a hokum model, Hate me & quote my rivals, lately I'm so bravado, And I suppose I'm broken (oh so broke-in), Cuts are disinfected in these Isopropyl oceans, sewers hide the suicides & I support the notion, Look at me look at you, eyes import the poisons, Poised & ready, hoisting heavy choices, noise is steady from the voices medley, Meddling to appoint their points are petty, Petals falling off the daphadils, I can't appeal, There's never monarchs in this monarchy there's only caterpill... Erstwhile leaving shadows on the moon, Teach me how to drown in the shallowest lagoons, The darkness & the gloom, the parts that we consume, In our hearts..... Everything is pretty in the dark Kno [ Hook] I run I run into the darkness Everything is hidden from the sun I run into the darkness Everything is hidden from the sun [V2] Confide in me friend says dear diary, Fine with me friend, let's hear why I'm me, Silently lips crack when I try to speak-back Feet standing in the tracks of a giant's feet, I am weak, I'm the violence, I'm defiant to the ring that the choirs sing, I succeed in the former of the fight or flee, People playing hide & seek just to see when ima peak... See, it's total dark in the coldest parts, That's what it takes to expose the stars, No sunny brain, and there's no mirage, we numb the pain, when the hope is gone, I know the cost.... Yea, it's the absence of light, lashes & gashes are captured in spite, The past tense of life is the madness we hide In our hearts... Everything is pretty in the dark [Hook] Nacho Picasso [V3] I'm from the darkness, I hold the gauntlet She a pompous, I told her pop it For a profit, cus I'm a prophet These niggas nonsense they truly make me nauseous
[V1] I love you, I'm an addict, you're in my attic, The flowers that I grew for you still bloom into the patterns I listen to the dissonance but all I hear is static All I see is technicolor, everything is plastic man I can get down when the mannequins surround But you're magic, casting a spell, hell's sporadic Telepathic, tell me your telling habits, Sell me a single spark & help me up from the ashes Phoenix-bulimic, the acid- Rain-dances splatter upon the canvases I feel ecstatic, you're enigmatic, my Alabama, so we have to go wreak some havoc And I can be your Clarence declaring that we can have it True Romance, yea it's feast or famine, From Bi-polar to manic, it's my solar dynamics, But you, you are my Mecca, you're my holy sabbatical [V2] I love you, I'm The Devil, you're in my head though, When I met you I knew you were something special. And ever since been reveling in my rebel, Im falling stars, my god you are celestial, Back from the dead again, That makes you revenant, I'm mental, I meant that I'm detrimental, don't let go, You're my tempo, no you're my temple, I'll decorate you, I'll make you Deco, You're bolder than all the petals, And your words turn boulders into some pebbles, peddle past... let the levels last & tread slow, Forever 'til the breath goes, Together in the death throes, I'll sing your praises, I'll make it echo, I'll sink my fangs in, I'll drain the vessels you, you are my Mecca, you're my loneliest headstone
Hers Forever 03:54
Sadistik [V1] We cut both of our palms & we made a pact, If you wanna know the odds you gotta take a chance, She's a praying mantis chewing on my praying hands Pray tell, can you cage a man in brain-cells? If we find our way to Hell we might not make it back, We break our backs til were breaking bad, If I can lose it I can take aback, pacing back & forth to soothe it, Somehow the bruises always stayed intact, the trees burn together, Smoke plumes are soul food, we search the wreckage, I researched the letters, The love-notes that quote I'll be hers forever, We reach towards the center, Still waters run deep, sea floors a C-4 agenda, Explosive, we form vendettas, A slave to the terror I'll be hers forever Kno [V1] Her aura entered my core before I was 18 The sort of sordid disorder bordered in daydreams The more that she tore at my flesh And bore through my chest Seashore at my vest in crest via saline Morbid confessions that seem to atone Morbid ingestion of pills just to get her to leave me alone See these feeble feelings seem teasing and easy to own When those feelings are thrown Cus your feet are in stone Pitiful...sippin bourbon in an inner-tube Trying to drown my sorrows in the shallowest of kiddie pools Indeed I need the most minuscule of interludes But my lungs keep me spun in a centrifuge I been a sinner but even sinners deserve better As the hint of her scent enters my nerve center Independent events render my words tepid I purge the first letter, I am hers forever
Sadistik [V1] Nightmares & dreams-capes Sylvia invented that word, she's my dream date, she'd leave me keepsakes, & asked me if I'd keep her safe, I found a way, Now I'm out of place, high without a trace, I'm in outer space, a downward spiral state ... a sequoia in a flower vase, Roots reaching like a mile away, Either way, I don't wait, Lie Awake, eyes are weights, Visions of a smiling face, Imprinted on a prism with his dying traits, I'll close my eyes I can fly today, So high I can stay, away from everybody, Away from all the mirrors, safe from any judgement, They don't want me here, maybe heaven loves me, The night-terrors make me daydream, And lately it's the same thing JMSN [Hook] Daydreamin Cus reality's fading Daydreamin So I'll sit here and daydream Sadistik [V2] I don't need my head, the body it's connected with, The world that surrounds or the god that neglected it, credulence that I lost with my temperament, Tempers get flared when they're impaired, In pairs when I exited an exodus From excellence deafened by the deficit, I care but it's effortless I get electric in my chair when it's mentioned like when Edison killed that elephant, Yea, Evil Eve got me to eat a apple core I tried to drown my sorrows but they swam to shore, I feel so fragile for a second when I astral soar, Above The Matterhorn & Capricorn, I walk the line like a matador, On borrowed time that I can't afford, that's a category type that I can't ignore, The night-terrors make me daydream, And lately it's the same thing JMSN [Outro] I'm daydreamin of what I think I can do I'm daydreamin, yeah I'm daydreamin, yeah I'm daydreamin and I'm thinking of you I'm daydreamin, yeah I'm daydreamin, yeah
Sadistik [V1] Dead to rights, Pinheads get ends of spikes, I'm pegged Poe, Simon says, I Edgar Write (Wright), over-heads & set for flight, I feel bugged a kill-buzz, like pesticide, Anesthetized, testify next to die, lay me down to rest then we'll X the eyes, Exorcised, Linda Blair, lend a pair, Double tap like Fred Astaire, when I get a stare, Stairway to hell, I'll put a shiv into their chivalry, Dr. Decker on a killing spree, Last night I had a dream I was in a dream, and every living thing I saw died in my vicinity, Cold, Minnetonka ice, so Minnesota nice, Home is Seattle so I roam with the poltergeists, So deprived, sold souls, a lower Price Vincent, the sins since are so divine Metasota [V2] shock the globe before the bloggers try and stop the glory, sopped in codeine, stuck inside the net like soccer goalies. mobster stories turned the homies into Monster Cody's... half the squad's parolees eating mostaccioli. burning swishers never burning bridges, learn the business- born to lurk the village, forced to work the system. plotting on the block for a pocket full of slave owners, pitching satchels trying to profit off the chain smokers. Deacon Frost amongst the daywalkers, wave choppers! remain conscious of the Blade's watching, grave robbers. fake postures, snake charmers, Jake Roberts. I'll put them coons on your head like Dave Crockett Sheisty Khrist [V3] I aim, brains out, maim, The thing about a rain drought it brings out pain I'm sippin' moonshine til the moon shine then keep sippin' moonshine til it's noontime Until the darkness unfolds upon me Like origami, or a cold tsunami. Cold cuts my skin like cold salami mankind preying on me like an old swami I wear pain like a leopard skin, nah I wear pain like a leper's skin Someone once told me death was the end I guess this is where we begin Til then Chino XL [V4] Skill level high like a man who once fought God The Guinness book of world records is my kindergarten report card They said I'd never make it this far Drunk and dyslexic I spit in any bars tips jar Psycho Realm, Rebel Armz, my alliance With more main pride than the hair on a male in a pack of lions Chino the giver of terrible dreams Of unbearable beings and mechanical friends that have planted evil botanical seeds I'm that hideous pollination from trees my words vomit abomination of hate and disease Brought forth from dark satanical deeds my conceived scenes are written on the inside of a skinned mythical Minotaurs fleece The alphabet bleeds from my pen when I roll up my sleeves emcees pray to me till they're developing Leathery knees My brains perforated slicing and shredded you're pathetic spleen green fluid spilling out the streets need to be chemically cleaned Poet aesthetically mean male witch or warlock which one am I more like ? I spit historic Grim literature is horror I'm quickest to carve yall up Thus my moniker is synonymous with Chuck Norris and Boris Karloff sin Minister word blistered here to purge and finish you all off I've got that miraculous tongue for actual anarchist fun I've been known to drag Dracula's acidic blood through a scolding cauldron the Spanish grammatic hulk like that of Bruce Banner son I'm feeling like 11 living primitive relatives of Attila the Hun The thunder that eclipse the sun on the tundra when I spit that grunge the menace hunger from this Renaissance warmonger that once hung until he slumber and woke up in a psychiatric group home I'll unplug you life-support system just to charge my phone
In Heaven 03:37
[V1] Last night I found a lady in the radiator, she sings me hate songs pays me to satiate her, I stayed awake masqueraded a mask that made her more terrified, a pair of eyes appear disguised, I take flight & stay high in paradise, with bad luck snake eyes a pair of dice, I'm paralyzed, she speaks twice a pair of lies, it's parallel, apparent hell of parasites, I wanna make her dead, I'll draw her body then Eraserhead, people will do anything to pay the rent, I make amends, the Maker mends, I make up friends, I play pretend, 808s & radiate The rainy days can't faze me, yea, Don't let em say I'm crazy, nah, I'm a pariah that's lighting fires on bridges, the eye of Osiris hides in my visions why go to heaven now? [V2] Last night I found a lady in the radiator, she said we're alike maybe I can stay forever, I traced her face with razorblades to paint away, the stains I made with red blues and hues, the fuscia maroon rouge, the set fuse and bruises, the noose fits her neck, exit wounds are left Her words are gory this purgatory is perfect for me, a search for glory has turned to mourning at night I -- Listen to God when the liturgy calls, she lives in the wall, I kiss her til the miserys gone, her ministry's all I listen to I give it my all, a physical bond addicted to the skin of Allah I get lost in thought until I'm numb and feel the terror forming, they get lost in thought because it's unfamiliar territory, I buried warnings in Terra Firma & allegories to get to Heaven we went through Hell & shared the story Kno [Outro] In heaven, everything is fine In heaven, I will make you mine In heaven, I am on my way To heaven, but they won't let me stay In heaven


released August 11, 2015

Produced by Kno // Engineered & Mixed by Kno & DJ FLipFlop at Dirty Decibels Studios
Mastered by Brian "Change" Penny at The Den Digital Studios


all rights reserved



Knomercy Productions Los Angeles, California

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